Friday, May 17, 2013

Bubbles: Bursting and Building

 *Disclaimer- Tired and borderline delirious. I assume no responsibility if this makes absolutely no sense.

Why do we shove ourselves inside a bubble?
Why do we construct these huge concrete walls that no one can break through.

I am convinced it is so God can burst them.

That's right folks, God is that kid that likes to pop your bubble and knock down that tower of blocks you just built.

Why you might ask? BECAUSE HE CAN!

He does it to show you that he is an all powerful, all knowing, AMAZING GOD! The difference between those preschool kids and God is...well a lot of things, but the one in particular I am referring to is that he does it out of LOVE.


You see, we place ourselves inside our comfort bubbles and hide behind these walls so no one can hurt us. So we can't humiliate ourselves by being vulnerable. So no one will judge us. Because "No one can possibly understand what we are going through." But it gets lonely in our bubble and God knows it. We know it. So while no one can hurt us no one can fully love us either because we don't come out of our bubble or peak around the corner of our wall long enough to let them see who we really are. In a lot of ways we don't really know who we really are. God does.

God knows every tiny little thing there is to know about us.

 And. He. Loves. Us. Anyway.

Say what?!?

Yes, he KNOWS us AND stills LOVES us. Crazy right?


And as if that wasn't enough, he knows that there are so many others watching, waiting, and willing to love us too. All those other bubbles who "can't possibly know what we are going through" have really experienced a lot of the same or similar problems. AND they are waiting to shower us with love so we can grow. (Did I just lay out the cheese or what?!?) Cheese or not, I speak the truth. God wants us to grow in our relationships with Him and Each other. We grow better together.

So He pops our bubble or knocks down our wall. He calls us to do crazy things. Uncomfortable things. So we can learn to do AMAZING things in our walk with Him.

And for the sake of my safety, I thought it best to explain that God pops your bubbles so He can build you into the bubble He wants you to be. So you can connect with other bubbles and be stronger say in an amazingly awesome and UNDERSTANDING Women's ministry. Because SOAP and the Living Water make bubbles and bubbles are awesome. I love bubbles. (Don't hurt me ;)

The moral of the story folks is that you are an amazing, beautiful, child of God. He knows it and he is longing for you to believe it. When you fully believe it and live your life accordingly there is NO limit to what he will do in your life. You are made new. Your eyes will be opened to all of the beautiful bubbles around you.

awww bubbles!

Let your roots grow down into him, and let your lives be built on him. Then your faith will grow strong in the truth you were taught, and you will overflow with thankfulness.
 Colossians 2:7


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