So you want to know who "me" is....

Well, if you insist.

Here it is:

   I have a love of words I have never been able to contain...even when I have tried. I write to escape, I write to remember, I write to be. My hope is that someone can benefit from my words and my experiences. My unexpected joy.

   My name is Kristina. I am ...not telling you my age because I have vowed to be 25 forever.  So for those who feel the need for a number, there it is. 25. I am Jesus loving, wife and mommy. I love to write about a lot of things but the primary topics you will notice here are grief and God. (Yes, I do tend to get all Jesusy from time to time) They are 2 factors in my life that have endlessly altered my being. I believe they have affected me differently then most. I hope to branch out on my  spiritual, notable, blog worthy life experiences but you will have to stay tuned to see how that works out.

    I am a wife and so long as my husband minds himself I intend to stay that way ;) (So please keep all comments on my enticing beauty to yourself.) I am a happily taken, married lady. Even if he drives me nuts most of the time...he always makes me smile doing it. And God gave me him...

Me and the Handsome Hubbs

   I am a mommy. If you are a Mommy you know what that means and I don't need to smell it out for you...opps I mean spell. I have 2 amazingly precious girls and 1 too good for earth son. I am a happy and proud Mama. Even if they drive me nuts most of the time....they make me smile doing it. And God gave me them...

My Kids

   I write. I am generally an "intense emotion" writer. So if I am feeling it, you are reading it. (That is why the 2 hot topics on this page are God and grief.)

   We lost our Donavin at 42 weeks. He was born stillborn. He has taught me more about life, love, and God then I thought possible from a child. Watching the chain reaction of the effects his life had one me and so many others has been the single most powerful experience of my life. Through him, God has held me and shaped me more then I can still wrap my mind around.

He will forever live through my life and love for God.

   We will be together again and until then, he lives in pure joy. And that is all this Mommy ever wanted for her son.
Our "Donavin" heart has our dear son's ashes inside.

   I am a former "judge others as I am not to be judged" non-follower. I am currently a bible thumping maniac ;) (Working on my "of the year" award) I am not a preacher and don't intend to be. I will tell you how I see it. Which may or may not be right for you. I am good with it either way. The fact that you are here reading my words is an honor and more than I could have asked for. I appreciate you being here and taking the time to read the words I have painstakingly produced. ;)

   As for God, well he is still working his power on me. Bringing me closer to him and closer to others every day. 

  Oh yes, and I have an addiction to parentheses and smily's. Deal.

So that's me I'm a, I mean in a nut shell :) Feel free to ask questions if you are so inclined. Thank you for taking the time to read my words.

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Anonymous said...

Kristina - You write beautifully, and your hope is evident through your tears. Thanks for sharing Donavin's story.


Barbara Studham said...

I love the fact that you are a Christian who discovered you don't have to be quiet about it. I too often hold back from professing my Christianity, but who are we to be afraid of atheists? You might enjoy my blog about my experiences as a grandmother raising mentally disabled grandchildren at and also my blog about Bible Prophecy at I have included your blog in my blogroll. I know many people will enjoy your writing. I am so sorry for your loss. God bless you - Barbara

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