Sunday, November 8, 2015

Pictures of Grace

What I love about November is the whispers of grace that flow in abundance.

A month that causes people to reflect on all they are thankful for is nothing to criticize or condemn but something to rejoice and encourage. I love seeing a glimpse into the lives of those around me; a glimpse at what makes them shine and lifts them to be the best version of themselves possible. As others share the gratitude in their hearts it is an opportunity for us to praise the one whom all blessings flow as a community.

God works so uniquely in each of our lives. When we come together to voice what He has given us out of relentless love we can truly see a better picture of the vastness of our Jesus.

So I would like to take a moment to share some of my pictures of grace with you.

My first picture of grace - is grace itself. Grace from God - Grace from friends - Grace from family  - Grace from people I don't even know.

I am drowning in His grace. Undeserved, sweet grace. I have a clear view of what my life would be without him and it is such a haunting vision but by his grace I have the privilege of knowing him - the King of my heart, my world...the eternal world. By grace I am saved. By knowing him I have the privilege of seeing what life truly is, what my life if through His loving eyes. There is nothing sweeter than His mighty name that stirs my soul to a place of eternal gratitude.

I have lived and survived on grace this year as I have set out to answer the call he has put in my heart. The call to boldly, bravely stand for him. Bold and brave are two words that I would have never known to associate with who I am but who I am in Him is far more than I would ever know to see without His constant presence in my life.

I have stumbled and made mistakes along the way and received worlds of grace from family and friends as I learn to navigate this newness. I don't even know how to express the gratitude I have for the people and relationships God has granted me.

Which brings me to my second picture of Grace - People.

There are people - Family. friendships, acquaintances, and just plain encounters that have seeped my soul in gratitude.  I have been encouraged to new heights this year. Community is such a sweet gift that can not adequately be described until you are part of it. People are messy (total shocker I know) - put them together and it gets even messier but when you have community you have this beautiful mess that reveals a body. I have learned to be grateful for tensions that arise because God uses them to make things greater than they would be without them.  So many beautiful creatures speak so uniquely in songs of creativity - I struggle to soak it all in. I have experienced friendships deepen, relationships strengthen, watched others evolve into a memory, and met women to whom I have spoke few words that I feel a notable connection with - which I can only attest to God prompting me to take notice of His unbelievably, beautiful child. It is a blessing to witness.

My third picture of Grace - Family

I started this year trying to find a new "normal." I am thankful to have learned that in my family, normal doesn't exist. The word normal implies that things stay the same. We are constantly growing and evolving into what God wants us to be. We have adapted and grown in leaps and bounds this year. My husband is my God picked other half. We are so incredibly different in such perfection. He levels my crazy. He is a man of few words but precise words that hold a weight unknown even to him. My children make me constantly aware of joy - I look to them and see a sliver of God's passion for His children. They keep simple fun in my world and my home doesn't go a day without the song of radiant laughter.  Words to precisely describe who my family is to me are meant to be unspoken and inexistent - they are that precious. That is far from any normal I have ever known.

So there is a small glimpse at my pictures of Grace. I would love to hear yours! Please share them with me and show me God's love in your life!



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