Sunday, July 14, 2013

I'm not who I was...

Today I had the privileged of listening to an awesome sermon from the pastor at my church. The subject? Trusting God.

However, there was one moment in the sermon that frankly, got a little awkward. It was out of the norm and a little weird. It was also kind of intense. Our pastor asked us to turn to each other and tell the person next to you one thing God has done for you lately.

Lately? Huh? Well, I am in what I would call a "storm" of trials at the moment and to be honest I couldn't think of anything profound or "awe inspiring" to say.

My answer? He has provided a roof over my head. (Yes, I seem to be in the habit of embarrassing my self with spoken word lately) While it is completely true that God has indeed provided a roof over my head in somewhat difficult circumstances it seemed strange to me that I could not come up with anything bigger than that. God is way bigger than a roof over my head even this fool knows that ;)

As I contemplated this all day I looked back on all God has done for me throughout my lifetime. (and by "All" I mean everything my insignificant little human brain could come up with)

It hit me.

God has allowed these trials in my life as a blessing.  My "storm" is my gift. It is what God has done FOR me.

Every time I look back to a gift from God there is a trial that led me to it or helped me accept it.

My husband for example, was that boyfriend that just infuriated me while keeping me smiling but I couldn't let go of for some reason. Then He found God.  He led me to the Lord.

My marriage is strong because of God and a very hard trial we went through early in our marriage that forced us to learn to communicate and appreciate each other.

Losing some of my best friends for various reasons has taught me what I should avoid and what I should value in a friend and has prepared me for my amazing, kindhearted, loyal, straight forward, hilarious, and loving best friend I have today.

The loss of my son has taught me more then I could ever begin to list but I think a couple of the biggest was how much LOVE and support my family really has and it has given me a compassion and understanding for people going through the loss of a loved one.

The lack of church I had growing up has given me a passion for teaching in our church and an unexplainable joy of teaching my own children. 

This list goes on and on. And on.

And on.

Through every trial God has blessed me with he has helped me learn, love, grow, and be more then I ever thought possible for myself.

He has done more for me then I will ever know. Not only will I trust Him through my trials, I will praise Him through the storm because through them His love shines through the brightest.

So thank you God and Pastor Brad for awkward moments that get you thinking and realizing 1,000 more reasons (as if you needed 1 more) to trust God in all He does.


Lori Dixon said...

Wonderful writing ... full of honesty and candor. Keep sharing!

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