Saturday, December 28, 2013

Faith at the Forefront of Friendships.

They couldn't get to Jesus through the crowd so they dug through the clay roof above his head. Then they lowered the sick man on his mat right down in front of Jesus. Seeing their faith, Jesus said to the paralyzed man, "My Son, your sins are forgiven."
Mark 2:4-5


The couldn't get to Jesus. They all knew that their only hope relied on him. For themselves and for their paralyzed friend. They fought the crowd. The obstacles placed before them. Making it seemingly impossible to get to Jesus. Their faith and passion was stronger. They found a way. A seemingly impossible way. They dug through clay! Hardened Clay! To lay their friend, the sick man, at the feet of Jesus. Because of their faith He was forgiven. He was free.

Their are so many amazing things that hit me about this passage, that I am not sure where to even start. At the beginning is as good as any I suppose.

How many of us have ever felt like that paralyzed man or his friends? Knowing Jesus is our only hope but not sure how to get there? We are stuck. With what seems like no hope to hope. Until, we have a friend (or 5) come along and carry us when we are too broken to walk. Who recognize the journey is impossible but are willing to take it anyway. The beginning of the journey will be rocky as you learn how to let them carry you or how to carry them. (Which may seem impossible itself if you've been dropped a few times) Yet, they are going to fight "the crowd," whatever obstacles come your way, with you. When that path doesn't work they help you find the next. When that doesn't work you will dig through clay. You will hurt and bleed and give everything you have just to see a glimpse of hope, of Jesus together.

 When we lower our friends down at the feet of Jesus, we are lifting them in prayer. Sometimes we are the ones praying and sometimes we need the prayer. Often times it is both.

Faith at the Forefront of Friendships.

Friendships have been a tough road in my journey.  I have been dropped a few too many times. (at times it seems like maybe it was on my head as I seem to have forgotten at times, how to be carried and/or do the carrying.) Because well, making new friends as an adult is...risky business for those of us who love first and ask questions later. (I recently read a blog post on Rants From Mommyland that placed it perfectly. )

Spoiler: Its worth it. So worth it. 100% worth it especially when Jesus is involved.

God has placed friendships in our lives for numerous reasons. Some we will never know. And while I whole heartedly believe in all types of friendships, I believe those based on Faith in Jesus are a force to be reckoned with. I think the common goal of becoming closer to Him and closer in our friendships is empowering. It allows for the faith in the friendship to be stronger then it could ever be alone. Faith in God makes for stronger individuals and stronger relationships.

I want the faith those people who fought to get to Jesus had. Never letting anything stand in my way of God! I want the faith that the paralyzed man had. Knowing sometimes He uses others to help us get to Him. In Jesus first and always I want that faith. and for friendships he graciously gives me. I want to look at the clay roof and laugh at its insignificance compared to our Lord. I want to know that when I can't get to Jesus on my own, he will use my friends to guide me so that In Him, I may be free.

There are times we will suck at being a friend. There are times we will suck at having them. There are times we will suck at life in general. There are times we will get hurt.

We will learn. How to love each other more like Jesus would. How to carry. How to be carried. We will learn. 

It is worth it.

The LOVE we experience by lifting each other up is worth it to the moon and beyond.

Zoom Zoom.


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