Saturday, June 21, 2014

When in the Woods...

For as long as I can remember I have always loved the woods.

When I have the opportunity to escape the world and set out on an adventure of exploration it brings a peace that I couldn't quiet define. As soon as the trees start hugging the road and shielding me from the ways of the world my worries start to melt into meaningless and my eyes start to open to the beauty of God's amazing creation all around me.

It is standing upon a mountain top with nothing but trees and mountains in front of me that I feel the smallest. It is a magnificent thing. In our world we are so conditioned to feel like bigger is better but I believe God wants us to recognize our smallness. Not in a way the belittles us, makes us insecure, or weak as the world would define but in such a way that we recognize our smallness in order to open our minds to his greatness.

I stand in awe every time my feet hit the dirt. The details in just the small part of land I have the privilege to stand on are outstanding. To the tiniest of insects, to the ridges on each leaf, to the character and age of each tree....the creation is extraordinary. Then to look out over the vastness of forest and realize every foot is unique in its wonderful detail is humbling. Then to realize that my eyes cant begin to touch the vastness of the world he created in infinite, beautiful detail creates a wonder for the Lord I cant begin to describe.   

God is bigger then I know to imagine. My mind puts limits on His greatness more then I would like to admit but it is here that I begin to peal the layers of the world away and just worship the Lord in all His glory. 

He is my Perspective. My Purpose. My Peace.


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