Sunday, January 4, 2015

Your Humanness is Showing.

Why are we afraid to be vulnerable?

We are terrified of being hurt when we open ourselves up to those around us.  Horrified that people will see who we are and reject the heart we put out there.  So we smile and put our “great” face on before we go out into the world. Essentially, we hide our human. 

The fear driving us to hide inside ourselves has become a thief of that which makes our heart worth guarding. Robbing us of the genuine connections that allow us to be capable of loving endlessly. Our fear of vulnerability has crippled our relationships. 

Our worries of what others think drives our every action, often without a thought. We lie to everyone and ourselves and say it doesn’t matter but in the back of our mind it matters. We are more content when we are accepted. The trouble is we live in a world of consistently changing standards and reaching them is but an illusion. 

Jesus has one standard. Love. 

Love Him. Love You. Love Others. 

Just love.
To truly love we must recognize the love that Jesus was and is. He loved limitlessly.
Let me say that again.


He was exactly who God created him to be and He loved everyone as God created them to be. Understanding that every person was a part of His plan and that every person was human, Jesus loved and offered forgiveness to those whose crimes would seem unfathomable to the common person.
How did he do that? Well, sure he is God but in addition to that He was human. He understood our  vulnerability. 

Jesus understands human nature more than we individually understand ourselves. 

Yet, he loves us unconditionally, without an end and calls us to do the same. We are to embrace the creation he made in us that is so unique, embrace our humanity, and embrace the sweet individuality that he has gifted each of us. We are different on purpose. 

More than that, we are to embrace the distinct humanness of other humans everywhere. We are to love people’s differences and celebrate them! 

So why are we so afraid of being different? We are always and unconditionally loved and accepted by the very creator of our differences. 

Being vulnerable does NOT equate weakness but shines of bravery and strength. Putting yourself out there is a challenge but when we don’t let anyone in, we miss out on what God could be sending our way. And if God is involved, you can be sure that love is present. 


Valerie Smith said...

I love this and I love you my dearest friend.

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