Sunday, June 5, 2011

One week and counting

So here we are. A week from my due date. It's been a journey. This pregnancy has had its ups and downs more then I would have imagined. We thought we lost her in the beginning...but God had other plans. I am thankful for that daily. I thank God for every little kick and nudge...even the ones that find my ribs. I am extremely excited to meet her. Nervous of the process that gets her here sure but I am allowing myself that. What I am not allowing myself is fear. This one is in God's hands. (Well, they all are but you know what I mean) I have made some decisions that I am confident in. I know there are some who would rather they be different but this isn't about them.I understand that there are always people who are going to have a different opinion than I do in all aspects of life. I respect that.  It is through a lot of prayer that we have come to decide what we have and I can't wait to write about it later. Other then a couple critical decisions I am not making any plans. I am going to follow God's lead on this one. God is my strength. I'm praying for a speedy and safe delivery. I ask that you do to.

I am READY! I want to see her little pink face and feel her little grip around my finger.  Too look my husband in the eyes when she is finally here! I want to see the look on her Big Sisters face when she gets to hold her for the first time. I know that Donavin is going to be with us too. He always is. I am excited about this new journey we are about to embark on as our family expands.

Ps. God if you are reading...tonight would be a good night ;)


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Best of luck!

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