Thursday, January 10, 2013

Bump in the road

Yesterday. Sweet yesterday.

Started out not so sweetly. According to me.

I was having a heavy morning.  Parenting, money, and the impending birthday of my son were all weighing on me a little more so then usual. I had just picked up my daughter from school and was on my way to get boxes so she could pack her things as part of her resent "consequence." I got to the store went in with hungry, tired children.

 Annoyed by the 3 small boxes we got, I loaded them in the car to go home.

Until, my car didn't start. Tried again. Nope, not happening. I am sitting in my car with my 2 tired and hungry girls and the dog. Are you kidding me?! It is raining and I have no one close by to call for help. What I am I going to do!?

I have to walk home. With 2 girls and the dog. Its only a block BUT it is down a busy street with no sidewalks and did I mention it is raining. Oh, and the dog loves to pull me. (pretty sure he thinks I am playing tug-of-war with his leash)

This is awful.

The stresses of trying to keep the girls (and the dog) safe, the money involved in whatever was wrong, and the "how in the world is my oldest going to get to and from school the next 2 days?", were all so overwhelming. I walked home, fed the girls, went to my room, dropped to my knees, prayed, and cried. Then I called my sister and cried some more.

I was in crisis mode. I was stressed and worried.

Here is how the day really happened:

I slept longer then I knew I should have setting myself up for disaster. I was planning on going to Safeway which is a few miles away from my house and driving by Grocery Outlet I made the last second turn for no "apparent" reason. (I really didn't have any desire to go there as I feared it would not yield results) When I realized I was going to have to walk home my youngest was not wearing shoes, had a sweatshirt with no hood on, and I had the dog with no leash. I found both socks and shoes, a warm hat, and a leash in my car. I had everything I needed to get home with out too much trouble. (Which again, was only a block away instead of a few miles) We made it home safely.

We have road side assistance included in our insurance so we could have the truck towed home for free. Which we didn't in fact need. My husband was able to get off 2 hours ahead of schedule and go jump the battery. It started right up. He then went to the part store who determined it was in fact the battery and not something far more expensive.

In fact, the battery was under warranty. It would cost us nothing at all to fix.

We all made the trip to Costco together. Had some pizza while the husband was exchanging the battery. And lived happily ever after.

The moral of the story?

How big is the storm really when you have God on your side? It could have been so much worse. It pretty much happened as perfectly as it could if it were going to happen and there is no way that was all just a product of "good luck." No, that was the product of God looking out for us, for me, and I am pretty sure my sanity. ;)

I learned that I would have saved myself a whole lot of stress and tears if I would have completely trusted and relied on God from the very beginning. Once I completely lifted the problem to him I was able to see the mountain for what it really was. Nothing but a little bump in the road.

Truth be told, I am slightly embarrassed at how I let it get to me. I know better. I am however, laughing at myself (pretty sure God is too as you know we as parents tend to find amusement in the way our children think and do things sometimes) and I thought you might be able to use a good laugh as well.
The cost of my breakdown ;)


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