Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Forcing the peices to fit

*Warning* I am apparently on a metaphor kick.
(or the epiphany that clicks for me that everyone in the world has already thought of but I think I am a guineas ;)

Life is like when you were a kid and putting the puzzle together didn't sound like fun... so you took every puzzle you had and dumped it into a pile just to through them in the air like rain because after all that sounds like MUCH more fun then putting the boring puzzle together. Then your Mom catches you and makes you put them all together so you can find the right pieces to the right puzzles and  put them in their proper places.

Life is that pile of miscellaneous puzzle pieces.

Your one piece of the puzzle, looking for the pieces that fit to you. You find those pretty pieces that you try and force to fit to you with no luck, then their is the ones that almost fit but aren't a perfect match. Yet you go through life trying to find the ones that are meant for you and as you do you become more whole, more mature, more well-rounded. Once your puzzle is complete you can look back and see the glorious picture God painted from you and while each individual piece may not be beautiful the bigger picture is. When you start out as one piece its hard to see what you are...when you find a piece that connects but isn't pretty its hard to see the bigger picture. Its not until all the pieces are complete that you can truly see all of God's glory. 


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