Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Dearest Donavin

Happy Birthday my dear son. I miss you with everything I have. Nothing would make me happier on this day as it would to see your beautiful shining face as you stuffed it full of cake today.  I would be snapping picture after picture capturing every precious moment every precious smile. My guess is you would have gotten lots of trucks for your birthday and your daddy would have had almost as much fun as you did playing with them, just picking them out. I can't help but wonder what you would have looked like. My precious baby boy. Its been a year since I got to hold you in my arms and kiss your sweet face. Its been longer since I felt you move or heard your heartbeat. You had gone to heaven by then but I would still give almost anything to feel your skin against mine again. This is a day that I will always celebrate you and your short life. It is your day my baby boy. I miss you deeply and love you more. You will always bee a part of me and this family. I just wish you could be here with us. (selfishly of course) I know you are having more fun then I could ever imagine in heaven. Your face is smiling brightly at all the joys and delights you get to experience especially on your day. I love you Donavin.


Natalie said...

Oh sweetheart... I have no idea what you've been through, going through and will go through... I cried through every word in this post and my heart aches for the loss of your sweet baby boy! I am so very sorry. I am so glad to hear that you know God and that your baby boy is with Him and may He always hold you close and dearly. Be blessed and your growing family!!

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