Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Memorable Celebration

Well, after my little melt down over...well bracelets to be honest. (Hey, its a set up from doughnuts which was my big melt melt down in my first pregnancy...I still have yet to live it down) I let all my expectations for what I wanted Donavin's celebration fundraiser to be, go. I realized that it wasn't up to me anyway. It would all go the way it was meant to regardless of my unnecessary attention to detail. So I let it go and it all came together in a way that I couldn't have known to hope for. I had some amazing help from some unexpected places. It was yet another reminder of not only how much love and support we have but also of just how many people's hearts really were touched by Donavin's little life. There is no way I could have taken it all on by myself and still been standing to enjoy it in the end. I will be forever grateful to those that helped.

It was perfect. It was beautiful but comfortable. I just wish their would have been more time so that I could have talked to everyone longer. We raised nearly $500 for a couple of charities which is being donated in Donavin's name. It was a fun, joyous event. More then I could have hoped for. Thank you to everyone who came. I love you all and I know Donavin does too.

Ps. Will post pics when I get them.


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